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    1. You may use beacon targets for separation purposes if beacon range accuracy is verified by one of the following methods:
      • NOTE:
      • 1. The check for verification of beacon range accuracy accomplished by correlation of beacon and primary radar targets of the same aircraft is not a check of display accuracy. Therefore, it is not necessary that it be done using the same display with which separation is being provided, nor the same targets being separated.
      • 2. Narrow band and Full Digital Automation Systems: Technical operations personnel verify beacon range accuracy for automated narrow band display equipment and Full Digital Terminal Automation Systems. Consequently, further verification by the controller is unnecessary.
      1. Correlate beacon and primary targets of the same aircraft (not necessarily the one being provided separation) to assure that they coincide.
      2. When beacon and primary targets of the same aircraft do not coincide, correlate them to assure that any beacon displacement agrees with the specified distance and direction for that particular radar system.
      3. Refer to beacon range monitoring equipment where so installed.
    2. If beacon range accuracy cannot be verified, you may use beacon targets only for traffic information.