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    March (Q2) 2020

    SCHEDULE: FY20 2nd Quarter Jan 31st – ERR Submission Deadline Feb 7th – HR Staffing Workbook Entries Completed/Last Day for Facility SWB Input Feb 12th – Facility Priority Placement Tool Feb 13th – NCEPT Data Executed Feb 14th – HR Resume Upload Begins Feb 20th – HR Resume Upload Complete Feb...
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    February 2019

    ERR Submission Deadline: 1/11/19 NCEPT Panel Date: 2/12/19 CANCELLED BY SHUTDOWN
  3. C

    Facility Upgrade After ERR Takes Effect Before Transfer Date?

    The contract was pretty vague on this, but sounds like I may be in luck. Heres the scenario: ERR'ed to a 12 September 2nd, from a 7 that just got upgraded to an 8, effective June 10th but found out today because of how upgrade process works. Do I get back paid like the rest of my old...
  4. A

    How often to send ERR

    How long is your ERR good for. I heard today at work that you need to send it in every panel? Is this true and I've been screwing myself?
  5. MJ

    ERR Removals

    Because of the potential effects on others, removal of ERR paperwork is highly encouraged for facilities where an individual is not willing to accept an offer to. Additionally, when someone declines an offer, that information is entered into a database, which has potential negative effects in...
  6. G

    ERR transfer pay question

    Hey question for anyone who may know...i recently got selected on the ncept, going from 6 to a 9. Pretty awesome. I had a question about the payband though. Since the locality is much lower going from ny to msy, my base here is about 400 bucks less than the band there...and i know about the half...
  7. MJ

    NATCA 2016 Convention Videos

  8. MJ

    NCEPT National Centralized ERR Placement Process 10

    Primarily a technical document for HR. It does contain some information on how certain factors are calculated or accounted for.
  9. SugarFoot1

    Category question

    This may be a dumb question but does CAT 1 or 2 mean they are over the national average? Are you not able to ERR to those locations?
  10. K

    ERR - Correspondence Courses

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to put together my first ERR package and need to get as many points as possible. I see the section about the courses worth 2 points and am wondering can I take any course on elms or is it only certain ones? Also, I think I should have veterans preference but it's not...
  11. MJ

    ERR Package

    ERR Package - All the files you need to submit an ERR.
  12. MJ

    ERR Package 9

    This file contains the documents you need to submit an ERR package. Just follow the instructions, and fill in the blanks. FAA HR Regional Directory For swaps, all you need is a letter to your ATM. Template letter
  13. MJ

    NATCA ERR MOU/SOP 25May2017

    ERR National Release Policy MOU & SOP. See more info link for the Q&A.