1. D

    RVA leave policy

    I’m at a fully staffed facility and my ATM recently informed us that RVA is going to “enforce” policies pertaining to leave requests. Basically if somebody requests off, and another controller isn’t willing to change their RDO to cover a shift or the manager change his shift to cover, then leave...
  2. B

    Automated, self-filling ERR package, all required files in 1 PDF 1.0

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------Bandit117's ERR's V1.0---------------- 2022---------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  3. Q

    Question about EODS

    So I’m filling out the EODS form and one question ask about past convictions. In my case I have one I made a dumb mistake of driving after having a few drinks while I was 21. I’m 26 now and haven’t drinked since was wondering if my mistake is a nail in the coffin or just a speed bump in terms of...
  4. GodHelpMe

    Unsuitability for FAA employment | can I do anything?

    I’m in a rough place mentally knowing that the FAA came to an ultimatum after 3 years fighting to pass the ATSA and finally doing so and moving on just to find out that I’m not suitable for employment. I’ve been debarred from applying for ANY FAA careers until 07/2024. “You did not provide any...
  5. P

    Hiring Bid FAA-ATO-21-ALLSRCE-73599

    Overview Open & closing dates 07/30/2021 to 08/02/2021 Service Excepted Pay scale & grade FG 3 Salary $31,597 to $32,650 per year This salary includes locality pay, which will be applicable while attending the FAA ATC Academy. Appointment type Temporary - Temporary NTE - 13 months Work...
  6. DisBoi17

    CTO in Military

    Hey y'all! So I'm a 16 year old in High School, and I've been researching some and it seems the best way to enter into Air Traffic Controlling without having to wait on the FAA, or wasting thousands of dollars on a CTI degree, is to get my Controller Tower Operator status in the military. What...
  7. Alaroy12

    Vfr transition in RAPCON airspace

    Had a kind of weird situation come up last night. Civilian aircraft calls the tower looking for a vfr transition through tower airspace. I started to give him the information and approve his transition when I realized he was 100 feet above my airspace. I told him to contact the approach facility...
  8. B

    Isola Bella

    The New Isola Bella is still catering to FAA ATC! At Isola Bella, you will have your own private apartment, no roommates or sharing!
  9. 152 West

    152 West

    We are excited to offer 152 West to you! We specialize in FAA housing. We are conveniently located at highway 152 and SW 74th street, which is just three minutes away from the FAA academy. A short drive to downtown Oklahoma City and other area attractions in Oklahoma. Experience Americana at...
  10. B

    Academy Advantage

    And did we mention each bedroom has its own bathroom? To top it off we are only 5 miles from the FAA Academy. Pets permitted with deposit. email us at [email protected] or [email protected] www.academyadvantage.com or find us on facebook Academy Advantage
  11. L

    Medical Alcohol Use Disorders and FAA

    This is a bit embarrassing and personal but here goes nothing. Currently AD Air Force, early 30s, dual-rated, and will have AOC experience shortly. I got arrested last year on base for drunk and disorderly conduct. Long story short, went to in-patient treatment and was diagnosed with an AUD. I...
  12. breakaway2000

    FAM Flight Tips/Tricks

    I'm curious what others have experienced. I've always tried to do the maximum 2 per year. This last time I flew United prior to 8am... full breakfast in the cockpit, had no idea that even existed. Anyone else have any good FAM stories or tips/tricks for the rest of us? Basic Info Can go on two...
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