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If you fly SWA frequently, check out the Chase Southwest Priority card. One of the easier cards to justify benefits against the annual fee if you’re a frequent SWA flyer. I’m not a big fan of other airline cobranded cards though, and more general travel cards like the Amex Platinum, Chase Sapphire Reserve, or Citi Prestige are usually a better option for frequent flyers. Pre-Covid, Amex Platinum was best for travel perks especially lounge access. Chase Sapphire Reserve was best for points with everyday spending and travel insurances. Citi Prestige was best for free hotel nights. All three have good travel credits, but Amex Platinum’s travel credits are harder to use than the Sapphire Reserve or Prestige. Covid world, Amex Platinum has been the most aggressive with adding additional non-travel related temporary perks, followed not too far behind by Sapphire Reserve. Citi Prestige is a distant third and their 4th night free hotel award continues to be watered down every few years. All three have high annual fees. If you’re an average flyer, best to target lower annual fee cards or no fee cards with high cash back. Unless you geek out on the credit card game, a simple, no fee 2% cash back card like CitI Double Cash is your best bet to keep things simple and benefit the most.
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