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NATCA Civil War means no Zen or RazeWen anytime soon.

A civil war rages within NATCA that has nothing but bad karma spewing out of the NEB. 50/50 split of the Nick vs Santa Claus factions has each side at each other's throat creating gridlock at the top. the 2023 version of NATCA they want u to see is like those pics the losers put up in their dating app profile from 50 lbs & 3 divorces ago in happier times when all things were true & clear, anything was possible, & they didnt lose all ambition or feel dead inside yet. Back when every other post on StuckMic (a cautionary tale) wasnt from an NPC midwit screaming political cliches str8 out of a South Park episode -not realizing the jokes on them--. MEanwhile Rome🔥🔥 and ur little level 8 is worse than ever but SHUTUP & work ur traffic & train these fools who just quit the 711 & breezed through the Mike Monroney Aeornautical Center (they say the pass rates there are at an all time high). Oh and why the F arent u donating to the PAC u scum!? Everyone can feel it. Everyone knows its true. Even the nerdy union simps who always got picked last for everything in HS & make their annual relgious pilgrimmage to NIW & CFS to get drunk on your dues & be somebody.... feel it too. It ain't 2009 no more.

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Now the NATCA power is concentrated around a bunch of pigs at the trough who took an Article 114 detail as a way to never work traffic again, travel on YOUR dime, & live high on the hog while still getting good time. What a sucker you are to actually have to physically drive to work everyday & be scolded about the NTI & watch your smelly 7-11 trainee try to kill ppl! The amount of BUMs on A114 "details" these days, doing worthless shit that no one has ever heard of supposedly for 40 hours a week (ya rite) & havent even stepped foot in an ATC facility in years is mind blowing! They have no clue what things are like in the field right now & how disgruntled controllers are (RAZE WEN?). huge disconnect. living on another planet but still furiously pumping out the SJW initiative of the day to all the union socials. the rich men north of Richmond live @ 1325 Massachusetts Ave NW.

how many of these A114 fat cats do u know?

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They know controllers are demanding A RAISE commensurate with the rest of aviation who has received 30+% raises, but lack the willingness or sense of urgency to get it done. Too busy infighting like little babies not wanting either side to get any credit or gain traction before the election. Everyone knows if something happens on PAY before next summer, Santa Claus wins easily. Rumor has it theyre even trying to work on something, but that no permanent administrator is "complicating things." excuses excuses! The NEB is broken, & rumor has it the camps hate each other and that team Nick wants to nix anything that might make team Rich look good and win. let that sink in 🚰. Meanwhile out in them streets the ppl are screaming... RAZE WEN & its getting louder. Its a movement. Its growing. the rise of Raise when? is a feature not a bug.

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"but we are subject to a Congressional CAP!!!" the normies all shout, because they know it all. Just ask them. The same ones who have 9,000 posts on here since Covid. they MUST know something, right? Everyone knows there are lots of facilities where ppl make WAY over the Congressional cap every year through premiums. Just as the OJTI premium went from 10 to 20% w the stroke of a pen, so too can any other premium be agreed upon & created in an MOU vs "fixing the 1.6%" in CBA in 2026. They could get creative and announce a blanket "30% ATC Currency premium" each pay period. Any current ATCer gets 30% premium pay for being ATC current each PP. And word it in a way that is easily sellable to the public. "So as to address & mitigate the unprecedented staffing & training crisis brought on by the Covid19 pandemic and blah blah blah blah on a temporary basis" etc. etc.

TLDR... What about new premium pays?

p.s. if i was still dumb enough to be paying dues id be on team Santa Claus & it wouldnt be close.

p.p.s. if u rip down the NATCA BLM posters on your local's board, ur a racist, obvi!!! this is the most important thing!
All these companies are getting record setting profits, and all the other unions are demanding better conditions and more pay. It's time for us to get a slice of the pie, and it's our time to eat.

RAISE WHEN my brothers
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