Filled out a couple applications with RVA...

KGTU or KHYI were two previous options that don't look like they'll pan out, both near Austin TX. There is a spot with Advanced ATC that's opening up out here at KEDC and I've been emailing back and forth trying to stay on top of it. I think that's going to be my best hope. I have CTOs and experience and all that, but I'm trying not to leave Austin so I don't have to give up school, I'm so close to being finished. I'll drop it to get this job but not to go to the FAA as weird as that sounds.
Ahh yeah, Texas is def a hot spot. I worked for AATC at GYI before going FAA. Dan's a great guy to work for, but the pay is most likely going to be much lower than other contractors. When is that tower supposed to officially open?
Wow how did you like working for AATC? Yea the pay I was thinking about and I'm hoping I can still get picked up for the FAA but I need that to happen once I'm graduated. Why is it lower than other contractors if you can talk about that?? I had no idea that was the case and that's kinda upsetting. And congrats on getting into the FAA too, that's still a literal dream to controllers like me.

I spoke to someone named Zac who said it's opening in November, doing interviews in October. I've been trying to stay on the radar so they don't forget about me whenever this pops up. Anyone reading this keep your fingers crossed for me! :D:D
It wasn't bad overall. I got quality control experience that allowed me to move on to the FAA. The pay is lower bc they typically hire graduates from their program without any experience, so it inturn acts like a revolving door. Once people get the experience to go to the FAA or a federal contact tower, they move on, opening the door for more people to get the necessary experience. Rinse, repeat and you have a steady stream of students bc there are job opportunities after graduation. And they get no federal funding so the money the airport pays typically all goes to the controllers.
I can tell you GTU is not hiring I have spoke to the manager there recently, as well as a RVA tower down in San Antonio, both managers told me to take a job where ever they offer and try to transfer to a more desirable tower once positions open up. HYI I am not sure about but probably same boat I use to fly there a lot and they were all old retired guys not looking to leave.
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