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Anybody know how to use this thing? Got approved, got the card, now it wants me to activate using agency assigned phone number (no clue). Also, do I just charge my transit to the card and pay it off, how does this work? My transit costs will exceed the benefit, so if I purchase in excess of the benefit, do I just pay it all off myself..or what? How do I get reimbursed?



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You charge your transportation to the card and the govt pays the bill every month. Your benefit amount is the actual limit on the card so if your transportation costs exceed the credit limit, you gotta do your transaction in person and ask the clerk to put the limit on the govt credit card and then charge the remainder to your personal least I'm pretty sure that's what one guy at my old fac had to do, his chances were like $310 a month, more than the $270 allowance or whatever. If you call the Transerv office, their people are pretty knowledgable...they answered a bunch of my questions and were pretty friendly when I called after i got mine. I only had mine for like 4 months though so you may want to get more up-to-date info than that.
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