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Hello! Apologies for my rudimentary knowledge of the ERR/MOU process, I've been following threads on here and StuckMic trying to understand the process, but it seems as complex as it is distained by current controllers. I just received a TOL for terminal and would love to end up back in Minneapolis in the next few years, is it possible to ERR from a level 7 and below (what I understand I'll get out of the academy) to a level 11 like MSP? or would I need to jump to an 8/9 before having a shot at MSP?

Theoretically you can ERR up to any level. Getting to MSP could be difficult. Do you have your heart set on MSP or would you work in the TRACON or center?
I'd be open to the TRACON or Center, even to the lower level facilities in the area like STP, FCM, or MIC (but a pay raise would be nice going to a higher level). I know this is years down the road and am looking forward to an adventure elsewhere in the meantime, but I'd like to end up back in the Twin Cities at some point.
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