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Priority Placement Tool May 2020

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March 19
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November 18
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Priority Placement List for New Hires
Previously the determination of priority for placement of new hires was based on the number of new controllers needed at a facility that incorporated the facilities training success rate before placement at the facility. This was incorporated when there was a large gap among the facilities needs and projected CPC to target. The projected CPC to target was then once again calculated once the employee was scheduled to onboard at the facility.

The Placement List will now be populated using Projected % to Target (column X) – now column Y – The Placement List was previously populated from the percentages in Final Future % to Target after allocated Slots (column AM) – now column AN – column AM accounted for an additional calculation of the facilities success rate prior to determining priority of placement. Projected % to Target will now be used to populate the placement list so that all programs (New Hires, NCEPT, NEST, Hardship) are using the same column for placement in priority, need, and availability.

Priority Placement List for New Hires
The current priority placement list for Terminal and En Route meters the input to any facility to no more than 4 placements in any 24 slots. In an effort to provide a greater number of facilities to choose from we will be metering the list to 2 in 36 slots for Terminal Tower and 4 in 36 for En Route facilities. This will result in no more than two facility slots in any 36 placements.

This will assist in continuing to ensure that those facilities with the greatest need receive placements first but will also further assists in spread loading the rate at which those placements are made into any one given facility.

Service Area and District Changes
The Service Center and Districts will be updated to reflect the Air Traffic Realignment that is scheduled for October 14, 2018.

PPT Tool FORMAT Change:
Service Area (column A) and District (column B) – updated to reflect the recent realignment.

Column Header Change for "Temp"
The column header "AOB" on Temp will be changed to reflect the actual data contained in the field "CPC on Temp"

PPT Tool FORMAT Change:
AOB on Temp (column I) – header changed to CPC on Temp

Column Addition "Long Term Hold"
The column CPC on Long Term Hold will be added to the PPT. This is for informational purposes only and includes approved removal of CPC's from the actual counts based on a long term military deployment, NATCA RVP's and loss of medical where the employee is not expected to work traffic for more than 12 months and to the best of our knowledge will not return to the facility .

PPT Tool FORMAT Change (Addition of column) :
CPC on Long Term Hold (Column J) – column inserted to reflect individual facility numbers for CPC’s on Long Term Hold

Column Move Training Time and Success Rate
The training time and success rate will move to position M/O. These numbers are updated on any month that the PPT will NOT be used for an NCEPT. It remains unchanged on NCEPT run months to provide a level of consistency when the PTT is most scrutinized. The calculation will not change.

PPT Tool FORMAT Change (Movement of column) :
Training Time Years (column L) and Training Success Rate (column N) – now columns M and O – updated with the most recent NTD data, still covering employees that on boarded at a particular facility between FY2010 through FY2015.

Column Header Change for "ATC in Training"
The column will now include the number of trainees minus the those trainees in long term hold. This column is used in the calculation of the projected CPC percentage.

PPT Tool Format Change (Change in Column Header) Calculation Change( Removing Long Term Hold trainees)

PPT Tool FORMAT Change (Column Header) :
ATCS in Training (column M) – now column N – header changed to ATCS in Training minus LTH (Calculation). The columns used for this calculation, ATCS in Training (column AS) and ATCS in Training on Long Term Hold (column AT), are hidden columns to keep the visual columns to a minimum of the most asked about information.
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Pre-NCEPT update
Incorporates 2015 training success rates
Pre-Ncept update