Priority Placement Tool

Priority Placement Tool May 2020

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Contains new individual facility training success rates and training times.
March 17 chg 1

After the last PPT run, a few facilities identified issues with their data. We were able to work with Management Services and get the database updated in advance of the NCEPT panel. It’s not something we thought we would be able to accomplish, but it was completed this aftrnoon. The revised document is attached.

Because the database is national, more than the few facilities were updated - the difference between the two days is as follows:

Current # of CPC On-Board – gain of 29
AOB on Temp – gain of 3
Current % CPC to Target – gain of 0.1%
ATCS in Training – Loss of 9
Committed ATCS Inbound – gain of 39
Temps Inbound – gain of 6
Committed ATCS Outbound – gain of 10
Temps Outbound – gain of 3
Projected % to Target – gain of 0.4%

they will start the rest of the preparation for the panel on Monday.
March 17
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