1. Lump88

    Hardship for parent with Dementia

    Has anyone submitted a hardship to take care of their parent with dementia? We have doctors notes and a letter from Family stating why they can’t be the caretaker. Just looking for general tips prior to submitting.
  2. T

    HARDSHIP to Stay at Current Location

    I’m a previously certified CPC that’s currently going through the TRB process at an enroute facility. If not retained through TRB, I plan to file a hardship to stay in my current location but go to a different local facility. We actually do have some legitimate family hardship reasons to need to...
  3. R

    TSEW waiver due to hardship

    Hello all I was wondering if anyone has heard of or knows someone who has been able to skip TSEW due to a hardship? I recently hardshiped to a location to be the primary caretaker of a family member. I cannot leave that member alone for 4 1/2 weeks due to medical reasons. Any ideas for...
  4. G

    Hardship Transfer (estranged family)

    Hey everybody, I was hoping someone could give me some insight. I am currently rounding 3rd base on a divorce, and am wondering what my chances are for a hardship. I started at the facility I am at during the beginning of COVID and was on EA for basically a year, therefore I am not CPC. My soon...
  5. T

    Wife involuntarily committed

    My wife is dealing with pseudocyesis (look it up) and was committed involuntary yesterday to the hospital psych ward while visiting her family in a different state. She has the kids with her and this isn't exactly a job for a single dad with three toddlers. I know if I could transfer to this...
  6. W

    hardship COS and travel days

    I recently got a hardship approved and my ATM and HR contact both dont seem to know if I get any travel days (3000 mile move) or COS due to the ERR being a hardship. Art 29 section 4 seems to say yes but the wording from the hardship art 99 section 3(H) "Permanent change of station (moving)...
  7. A

    ERR Transfer

    I am getting ready to submit my ERR for Miami ARTCC. I am getting no help from human resource at ZME as they have no idea about any of this. I was wondering who to address the cover letter to and also what is the fax number to send this to the FAA Southern Region? I saw the NCEPT panel deadline...
  8. L


    I would like to get some input on if I actually have a case for a hardship. I am married but my wife does not live with me currently. She actually never moved when I was selected to go to the academy, due to her job and also staying close to her parents. This has been our situation for the...
  9. D

    Medical Hardship Question

    My son was diagnosed with intermediate asthma back in July and before they made that diagnosis he was getting treatment since February, while they were trying to find the reason for his cough. Our pediatrician just wrote us a letter stating that the high altitude and cold are contributing...
  10. Southern

    Hardship deemed bona fide, now what?

    Recently I’ve been deemed bona fide for a hardship under Article 99, the service area I’m leaving and the gaining service area are the same. Since the hardship was deemed bona fide what are the next steps? Will I receive a list of facilities available in the area I’m trying to transfer to? Any...
  11. D

    Hardship and Change of station

    I was recently approved for my hardship transfer from one facility to another. Without getting into too much detail, this is my second hardship that has been approved. Last time I moved and received change of station leave. This time around our acting ATM is trying to argue that I don't get it...
  12. kegger0094

    Hardship for Medical

    There's a possibility we are going to need to hardship to a lower elevation (newborn is not acclimating and has to be on oxygen here). What are the considerations for facilities when hardshipping to a new area. If available, do they try to keep it close to current level? Thinking Houston because...
  13. Super Salt

    Hardship Q & A

    Does a facility’s staffing level (current/projected) have an effect on whether or not they can accept a hardship? Such as, if a facility is currently at 100% staffing, are they still able to accept an inbound hardship? If there is a particular staffing percentage that is considered the...
  14. I

    POC inquiry

    Looking for POC information for the Hardship representative in the Great Lakes region. TYIA
  15. Lump88

    Hardship Timeline...Anyone know?

    I just submitted a hardship...I would say it'll 99% get approved, but I have no idea how long to expect. Anyone know how long it will be? Have you done it or know someone who has done it? Time from submission to out the door, on the road. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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