1. MJ

    Read Me

    This sub-forum will be used to contain NATCA election threads. It is currently moderated to require approval for new threads, but may change. Threads/posts need to be on topic. If any candidates would like to use the site to post, answer questions, etc., please do, and feel free send me a PM...
  2. R

    Serious Anyone interested in De-Certifying NATCA??

    There are a growing number of Bargaining Unit Employees across the board who are leaving the Union. This Mafioso organization has harmed the Agency, BUEs, Non-paying members, Operations Supervisors, and the flying public on a grand scale. Have you been affected negatively by this cult? Likely...
  3. D

    RVA leave policy

    I’m at a fully staffed facility and my ATM recently informed us that RVA is going to “enforce” policies pertaining to leave requests. Basically if somebody requests off, and another controller isn’t willing to change their RDO to cover a shift or the manager change his shift to cover, then leave...
  4. Phillyman2633

    NATCA leadership on those leaving the union

    I just want you all to know That if you're not a member of our great and venerable union That I will not take your night shifts I will NOT work credit for you so you can go to Timmy t-ball game I will NOT include you on the lunch run I will NOT provide you with adequate feedback during...
  5. D

    Retro NATCA Seniority from Contract Tower BS

    Can anyone tell me why this is a thing? We just had multiple people at my facility move up several spots in seniority because some BFE tower they used to work at joined NATCA. How the fuck can they get NATCA seniority from a tower they never paid dues at? I support it if you were in the...
  6. 2

    Proposed NATCA amendment re: contract extensions

    The new deadline for submitting constitutional amendment proposals is August 8th, 2021. I'm planning on sending one in saying the NEB has to notify the membership when they start contract-level talks (which means negotiating a new contract or negotiating a contract extension), and one saying...
  7. P

    NATCA Convention Postponed

    Postponed until December 6th-8th, 2021… Email from NEB: “Dear Brothers and Sisters, After significant internal discussion, we have decided to once again postpone our 18th Biennial Convention in Houston. This was not an easy decision, but the pandemic continues to affect our families and our...
  8. T

    Slate Book extended until July 2026

    Dear Brothers and Sisters, We are pleased to announce that our Union has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to extend the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that covers the air traffic control specialists, traffic management...
  9. A

    How to get out of NATCA.

    I want to get out of NATCA. Do I have to wait January to have them stop taking dues money out of my check or can I submit my 1188 now and have them stop taking the money out now? I have heard conflicting answers.
  10. Jeff_DOD_Controller

    Other than Natca time

    Context: So I am currently an FAA employee, been one for the last year and a half. I was military and a DOD 2152 for 4 years. I transferred from the DOD to the FAA- all my leave carried over, my time and everything. I understand my facility wasn’t natca but we were in a union (Liuna). I was...
  11. slater

    Where does seniority begin? FAA / NATCA

    Bidding in full swing this time of year. Trying to help a new journeyman. He checked into the facility as a direct VA hire and arrived 2 weeks before an acadamy grad, yet the acadamy grad was placed above the VA direct hire. The VA mentioned he OPT for checking in 30 days from signing FOL...
  12. Super Salt

    NATCA “Salute To Service” Shirts

    New NATCA shirt designs available for purchase: I90 NATCA $25 per shirt. Shirts are made from a tri-blend material.
  13. I

    POC inquiry

    Looking for POC information for the Hardship representative in the Great Lakes region. TYIA
  14. MJ

    NATCA 2016 Constitution 2016

    NATCA Constitution
  15. MJ

    NATCA in Washington

    MJ0730 submitted a new resource: NATCA In Washington Briefing Guide - NATCA published political activist guide and information Read more about this resource...
  16. MJ

    NATCA NATCA In Washington Briefing Guide 2018

    Briefing guide for the NATCA in Washington event.
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