Center approaches/separation to towered airports?


Centers seem to have a few different rules they can or cannot use than tracons. No MVA's apparently and no divergence and not saying HEAVY, for a few examples.

Let's say a tracon goes ATC-0 for COVID cleaning. Is the Z that takes over the airspace going to be able to clear aircraft for approaches at a fairly normal rate if the tower controllers at the airports are still there? They shouldn't have to use one in/one out, right? Tower is there.

I have not worked a Z. Or been near one that had approaches into towered airports, only untowered; so pardon me if this is a ridiculously dumb question.


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It’s called timed approaches it’s in the 7110

You can mix times approaches, 3 minute rule, SYD, 1 minute rule, 2 minute rule, tower applied visual separation, airplane applied visual separation, up in back off the ground, 44 kt rule, 22 kt rule, and more to move way more than 1 in 1 out with or without radar

You can do SYD with the tower so that’s a lie
Can’t do pilot applied visual into an uncontrolled field. Just an FYI. ????
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