Deviation lists


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Thank you! Any word on when 55 will be posted?
It was all through FOIA since the office that keeps these files said there was no master spreadsheet that is available. Which we all know is false.
Why are some names redacted and others are not?
Based on our review, we have determined that employees approved for transfer and subsequently changed
duty stations, under this process, have no expectation of privacy. However, those individuals not
approved or were approved but did not change duty stations, have at least some interest in keeping their
identities confidential, and on balance, that interest outweighs any minimal public interest that may exist.

That's the gist of it and why some names were available and others weren't.
Mistake most likely. Removed the files until all are redacted.
Wasn't a mistake. But I redacted all the names and reattached.
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