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EQIP/background history dates different from application


I have an eqip on file already from a different job application and someone said if you filled it out a second time with different dates then it would be flagged. The dates for one of my work history listed on my FAA app is different but easily explainable. It was a mom and pop restaurant job who in the beginning only called me when they needed help. When I was actually put on the schedule for 20+ hours is the start date i put down on my faa.

I've heard of people being interviewed for hours over stuff like this--would it be safer to wait for the next bid to put matching dates?

Also, I have estranged siblings who I don't have info on. Does this hold up security clearances too?


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Since no one has responded yet, I’d say don’t stress over it. If the security POC needs something from you, they’ll ask for it.


There's always ways to not answer/get around questions on eqip then put in an explanation. If you can not gain info on siblings, I wouldn't worry about it. I had a step-brother born on a military base in Germany 2 years before they changed the law making that no longer considered US soil so I had to provide citizenship documents that he did not have (since he, at the time, was born on what was considered US soil). I just explained it in a comment and didn't answer the following citizenship questions. If there is any issues they will contact you.