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Hey, I've been perusing the resource: and had a few questions.

Essentially, I am an April tol holder. My medical was finally cleared a few weeks after 3+ months of waiting. Still do not have a class date.

I find it more than a little alarming that there is only one class date with one unused slot. that would mean at least a wait til October, and that would probably mean waiting til sept/oct to even find out what the class date is considering oct is a new fiscal year. Some of the numbers in oct and beyond don't seem to add up either.

I am wondering how accurate this is? Am i reading it correctly. (IE summer classes all booked?) Is it possible or likely that some of those filled spots are applicants that haven't been notified yet?

Id appreciate any light you could shed on the subject. Thanks!
Those lists come straight from HR.

Id say if you don't have an offer for one of those dates, it's unlikely to get one, but not totally impossible. There's a huge backlog of new hires, the academy is running full capacity from what I'm told.
It's strange to me months ago they were cancelling classes for lack of students and now they are all backlogged in classes... first the backlog was with medical and now it appears to be with the classes themselves. Seems like there was a little push-pull action going on there.

Even all the folks still waiting on medicals and such are going to be disappointed when their class dates are next year (2017). Maybe that's why so many folks are getting cleared and not hearing from HR about class dates?

EDIT: are you terminal or enroute?
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Thanks for the info MJ.

LHR i am Enroute. I think most people seeing this hiring process objectively would agree that it is seriously flawed, but as an applicant I would say it is completely FUBAR.

I realize there is a bit of a luck of the draw element to it to begin, but when they tentatively slot a person for a class date(IE. april 2016,july 2106,january 17) they should be able to provide a reasonably close date to the tentative one. Wouldn't take but a little math to figure how many classes will be available in say the april time frame (april-july we'll say for giggles) and issue that many class dates. If somebody fails a clearance in that time, move them back or out all together and then move somebody up from the july group to compensate. Instead they seem to be moving people around willy nilly, ive seen folks from july and much later already recieve class dates. Meanwhile I've -my wife also-been planning on an approximate April date give or take a couple of months. Now it looks like i probably won't go til fall/winter sometime. Can't wait to make the drive from alaska to okc in winter, the long stretches of barren ice and snow covered sparsely maintained roads will make for an enjoyable trip I'm sure. I don't think anyone with FAA human resources is familiar with the opportunity costs either.

TL;DR This blows.

Completely agree with you on all those points. Another source of complication is that each HR rep seems to get their own "pool" of slots for classes, so even if rep A is out of June 1st class dates, rep B still has some, even if none of rep B's candidates have cleared, rep A can't use them (so it seems).

After watching a significant amount of uproar on stuckmic over the issue, I've become a bit numb to the issues, but I completely understand the frustration. Patience, however, seems to be the key here. The fastest anyone seemed to get hired was around a year from bid date-showing up to their facility.

Best of luck, enjoy that Alaska drive! Sounds like a blast!
Be as patient as possible. The academy is totally at capacity right now, minus a few slots in classes that could not be filled due to last-minute withdrawals and security clearance issues. I'm here at the academy right now, and everyone including the HR reps are working as hard as they can. Most instructors are on double shifts at least a few times a week, if not more.
I've heard of more enroute people getting dates over the past week, did you hear anything, by chance? I still think those slots might be slots taken by HR reps and not filled by students... unsure.
a slot is most likely considered "filled" before the person actually finds out. Then you also have to consider lag time of updating the documents, people backing out of or changing dates, class changes, etc..
I found out today that the class dates are filled up and I won't be getting a class til next fiscal years. What aggravates me is I won't find out until mid to late september at the earliest and I could have a pretty quick turnaround.
The updated projections came out today. I forgot to upload them, but will tomorrow. If I remember correctly, enroute is completely booked through the calendar year.
Yeah I did, but when I opened it , it was corrupted. Won't be able to get it again until friday night.
any news on the list? just trying to figure out my chances of getting into terminal before the fiscal year ends. thanks!
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