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I on-boarded last week and my supervisor today sent an update saying the tentative start date for an en-route virtual basics class is September 3. iPads should be arriving within the month via FedEx
What day were you on boarded? I did mine 7/13 and havent received any updates


Just got my call this morning to accept online en-route basics starting on 09/14, rep is also KH.

For those interested, I was informed I passed my medical clearance on 04/16. I was still in talks with the security clearance rep until 04/30, but wasn't informed of any non-medical clearances until I called KH on 05/08 and they said I had passed all clearances.
Heads up, received an email from HR today (contact is KH). It explicitly stated, and I quote, "You cannot be dual employed. You cannot receive paid leave from the FAA and have another job (not even after hours or part time)."

Hope that answers questions for some people. I should be getting an FOL withing 5 business days for the 9/13 onboarding.


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I emailed my HR person but they haven’t responded back yet so I may as well ask here. When filling out the FOL can you fill it out and sign it digitally and then email it back or do you have to print it out then fill it out by hand and then scan it and send it back through email?