Hiring Bid FAA-FAA-24-PUB NOT-87164 (Prior Exp Rolling Bid)

Does anyone know if the security portion is a bit faster if you already hold a secret clearance?
After I received my CIL I reached out 7 days after to get more instruction on my security clearance and they said that I have a security clearance that’s still good since I just got out of the military after doing only 4 years.
A lot of prior faa and military are getting wavied through certain sections a lot quicker than usual. Took less than 4 months for me to go through the process
Damn, maybe I shouldn’t have applied so early. I still got 10 months until my DOS but wanted to get a head start. 🤷🏻‍♂️
TOL yesterday as well applied 1/13 not a bad turnaround time.

Enroute experience but TOL said specialty to be determined which is interesting
Anyone on here a contract controller? How has the process gone for you?
Pretty much as expected!

About 4 weeks past the maximum deadline to be assigned someone from Security. Had to fill out all the forms only to be cleared the following day.

Medical/MMPI/Drug were quick and done within 10 days of receiving the CIL. Next week will be 2 months waiting for the psychiatrist to finally score the MMPI. Only item remaining per HR for 3 weeks.

Applied Day 1, was in the January TOL group, February CIL group. I believe anyone who's gotten a list so far is from prior bids?
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