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For the past several weeks tech ops has had numerous extra cars and trailers parked in our gated parking area causing controllers to find parking outside of the gate and walk in to work. It appears this will be going on for a few months.

Some controllers will still park inside the gate but not in a parking space thus blocking in at least 2 other cars...then you are being called throughout the day to play musical cars.

Has anyone else had similar issues and is there anything you can do about it?


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Yeah, Tech Ops parks their massive pickups with the side boxes (that take up like 3 spots) in the parking lot here even though the trucks have Port Authority approval to park inside the fence, because that way Tech Ops guys can just hop out of their cars and into the Tech Ops truck and drive inside the fence...because far be it from them to walk to the tower like us controller scum to retrieve their trucks.

Unfortunately your only reprieve is to lean on your FacRep to lean on your ATM to lean on the Tech Ops manager to stop being dicks...but if you have a worthless rep, you're probably just going to have to get hit by a car and fill out a CA1. Or start being extremely petty and start blocking in FLMs or Tech Ops guys and refuse to move your car...that sounds like something right up my alley.

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It's a G car... Who is gonna care? Plus you're destroying govt property... Probably not the best move.

I have seen a G car roll up to a strip club tho... 3 or 4 dudes hopped out and said they were with the USDA and were there to inspect the "goods".

Glenn Guglia approves.....

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