Medical Tier II for Alcohol


Have not been in trouble since the MIC in 2013. And yes I have been working in the corporate world for over a year. What are the other couple of things?


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I mean I think it’s looking to see a pattern of improvement.

For example for me.

2008 - DUI
2009 - Graduated high school
2014 - BS CTI KSU graduated
2014 - Joined the Army National Guard (received multiple awards for individual performance)

During that timeframe my professional career always progressed and I received a lot of letters of recommendation. The guard alone I had multiple field grade officers recommend me for flight school.

Now that’s kinda more dramatic obviously. But from the DUI in 2008, to now working managing multi million dollar budgets I’d say it’s not a pattern of substance issues.

That’s what they look for with that kinda thing. At least that’s my understanding from what I’ve read and from what medical has told me.

Yours were far enough back I don’t see an issue really. I think the tier 2 will be the deciding factor. Maybe they’ll have you do a few alcohol education classes to or something.

I think it’s box “60” of the medical where they notate it all. Basically it’s a catch all box showing they did everything necessary to ensure that you’re not a risk.... and that if you mess up later on it’s the first place they’re going to look.


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Hello everyone, I have a friend that I used to work with at my old contract tower who was waiting for his FAA medical to go through. He found out he had to go through the tier 2 process and met with the doc. Months passed and now they’re saying the report came back suggesting he had a substance abuse problem. He said he drank once or twice a month.
Seems to be a lot of disparity among medical clearances regarding the use of alcohol. For example, some who say they drink 1-2 times a month can get slammed with tier 2 and called a substance abuser; while others who say they drink more than that don't warrant a Tier 2 and get medically cleared. I'm guessing that other questions on the MMPI are factored into the "at risk" factor, and the alcohol questions don't solely dictate a Tier 2. Your friend most likely answered other questions that, when combined with alcohol use questions, could indicate abuse. He didn't get flagged for Tier 2 and put on a medical hold JUST because he said he drinks 1-2 times per month. If that was the case, the majority of everyone going through the process would be in the same boat. There were likely other questions on the MMPI and in his Tier 2 evaluation that indicated a substance abuse problem.


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When it comes to alcohol you should always say, "only on rare occasions and it's never more then two drinks per occasion." That and, "no I do not drink alcohol" are the only safe answers.