Time off/missing a day at Academy?


My brother just got engaged, and is looking at a Friday wedding in August here in Michigan. There's a good chance I'll be at the Academy, and wondering if anyone could speak into whether or not it would ever be acceptable to miss a day of class and/or do you have time off to take a day off while at the Academy?

I get that it's not ideal to miss a day, it's the last thing I want to do. Just want to be able to tell him whether or not I could be there based on what y'all say, not just my hunch.
I’m not sure where people get the idea you can’t miss a day. I read that on these forums before I went and ended up having a guy in my class take a day off and they were fine with it. As long as you coordinate it as early as possible, I’m sure they would understand.

That being said, make sure any day you may miss isn’t an exam or sim days that are really valuable.
No annual leave will be approved at the academy. Sick time will be if it’s valid. They cover it on the first day.
I am literally at the academy and JB (my boss) has told me multiple times that if I need to take a couple of days off for a significant event that I can do so, you just need to let him know well in advance and they will work around the schedule to make it happen. If it's a day you can miss, they will approve it. If not, they will suggest you don't miss it.
Just finished up a couple months ago, a guy in my class got married while out there and took a day off. You can do it, just be up front about it and it shouldn't be a big issue.
Yes, going to the wedding of my brother who is my best man and I will be his is pretty high on my priority list... thanks for your input
As long as you coordinate it early enough and you stick to the agreement Im sure it would be fine.

It's still a risk though. You could be jeoparding a multimillion dollar career by leaving. Sure, you get them to agree to a one day absence to attend a wedding. Then what if one of the groomsmen, who is supposed to take you to the airport, drank too much and didn't wake up in time to take you. Or the flight is delayed due to a mechanical and the airline doesn't have another flight out. Now you're having to justify why you missed an extra day.

Might be unlikely, but shit happens; it's still a risk that some people wouldn't take.
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