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Time off/missing a day at Academy?

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i got bronchitis during like problems 7-9 on d sides. it was great, when i got back i got to run 4 problems a day till i got caught up. and i was still a bit sick when I came back and for the evals lol. several of my class mates flew home to like washington for the weekend but they planned it with holidays, etc. for buffer


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I would say it's a better idea to adjust your class date as a whole, for more focus on the task at hand.

I had mine moved 4 months so I could finish a semester I just started, they'll most likely adjust it if you ask nice enough and seem sincere.


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My brother just got engaged, and is looking at a Friday wedding in August here in Michigan. There's a good chance I'll be at the Academy, and wondering if anyone could speak into whether or not it would ever be acceptable to miss a day of class and/or do you have time off to take a day off while at the Academy?

I get that it's not ideal to miss a day, it's the last thing I want to do. Just want to be able to tell him whether or not I could be there based on what y'all say, not just my hunch.
I went to class while passing a kidney stone..... Hospital on Sunday to the non radar board on Monday


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As long as you coordinate it early enough and you stick to the agreement Im sure it would be fine.

It's still a risk though. You could be jeoparding a multimillion dollar career by leaving. Sure, you get them to agree to a one day absence to attend a wedding. Then what if one of the groomsmen, who is supposed to take you to the airport, drank too much and didn't wake up in time to take you. Or the flight is delayed due to a mechanical and the airline doesn't have another flight out. Now you're having to justify why you missed an extra day.

Might be unlikely, but shit happens; it's still a risk that some people wouldn't take.
Or what happens if you lose Doug?


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I received an FOL, Called my HR rep and was able to move my class back almost three months because I was a groomsman in a wedding. I know it doesn’t seem possible, but FAA employees are human and sometimes even show empathy.
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You guys are lucky, when I wanted to take a week off during academy I had to go get my tonsils removed. They were still good too