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Also, the logical reasoning questions are as hard as in the test prep?

Not gonna lie the logical reasoning part was pretty hard for me. With the amount of reading you have to do and the time constraint, I felt overwhelmed. And that's with practicing on the test prep as well

Anyone with input on the “Differences” section? Is it timed or do the sets contain specific amounts of numbers and then you proceed at your own speed? I could get going pretty fast but, obviously, at some point you hit a wall with that and I’m not sure if answering faster is beneficial for scoring.
However, if there are infinite numbers with a time constraint then answering more (correctly) makes any errors less significant.

I felt as though it was more on the side of it was timed and they are trying to see how many you can get through. I could be wrong, but after getting a feel of when the time ended, I think this was more the case. I started going fast and like you said hit a wall so it resets you.


Just thought I'd add my two cents here and not just in my bid group:

I'm back and cozied up in SLC. I think I did all right...we'll see. The big takeaways I had:

-I used ATCPrep. I do think it was worth the $30, but echoing what some had said, don't use it so much you expect it to be the exactly the same. On the Visual Relationships section, I thought it was optional to use "Enter/+" keys for YES and NO. Being somewhat of a gamer and using computers quite a bit in my professional life, I was used to using the mouse and clicking Yes or No. I got pretty quick at hovering in the space between the YES or NO boxes and using my reflexes to swing up or down for my responses...YOU CAN'T USE THE MOUSE ON THIS SECTION. Woops. So don't be a moron like me and get comfy using the mouse. I did do the sample run multiple times to try and get used to the "Enter/+" keys. I wish I could get another stab at this section because I was scoring 97% on ATCPrep but definitely missed more on the actual test.

- Might sound silly, but practice the test wearing your mask. I put in my ear plugs, had my mask on, and would get into "serious" mode....and literally forgot to breathe during the Differences section. Like I would just hold my breath, as if I was playing a video game during some intense moment. Then when the section would end, I'd realize how out of breath I was and breathe deeply lol. Not sure if I just blew it, but on all rounds it ended in the middle of a problem. So either I was slow AF and didn't finish, or there are unlimited problems and they're seeing how many you can do.

- Radar game. ATCPrep does a decent job, but the real thing is much more chaotic. I think I had 3 collisions. 2 of which happened on the same round. Woops. ALSO, when the arithmetic questions are going, I got used to looking at the last digits of the problems and using that as a shortcut...that didn't pan out as well on the test. There are questions that have decimals as answers and that threw me a bit. Again, like others have said, I just prioritized separating the dots first and did the math questions when I could. Had plenty go unanswered.

-Value/Relations. Saw quite a few people asking for tips on this...I would simply read it aloud (quietly) to myself, and visually put the "A" to left of the screen, "B" on the top of the screen, and "C" to the right of the screen. So as the values showed, I would point to the side and repeat the value, cycling through. As the questions showed, I think it helped my brain to point to "where" it was and recall. Idk if it'll help you.

A = 3
B = Ax2
C = A + 1

My process was to visually "move" A to the left of the screen and repeat its value. When B pops up, I would say aloud "A2", do the math, and then CYCLE the values thus far. So I'd point to the left, say "3", point up, say "6", and REPEAT until C shows up, to which I then start from "3" to "6" to "4", all while pointing. When the tests asks for the answers, often not alphabetically, I would point to "where they were", and forget it the moment I input the answer. If it's a division value, I say to myself "over" instead of "divided by". Faster...idk if it helped. Sorry if that doesn't make sense.

Reading Comp/Logic Word problems: Not as hard as LSAT questions but I did think it helped to prime my mind for it. I was worried about time, since you don't have a lot of it, and "quick answered" through the middle section, thinking it'd be better to rush the middle questions and have time to go through the last questions, as opposed to realizing you don't have enough time and purely guess the last third of questions. Seemed to work, I did feel confident about my answers. My tip would be to read the question first before reading the passage. So you know what to look for while you're skimming through it.

Welp hope this helps! Good luck to all.


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Just took my ATSA.

Pointers- ATCPREP- WORTH IT. The end.
*If you do get it, change the setting to Very fast on everything!!(Differential, Variables, Visual relationships, Collisions) DONT DARE PRACTICE ON A LOWER DIFFICULTY. DONT OVER practice, meaning dont get to used to the ATCPREP. BUT still practice.

Advice- TRY to get enough rest.
- Eat something that will not make you drowsy.
- Get caffeine

Actual Test- Breathe, try relaxing. STAY FOCUSED.

Take advantage of the practice test before taking the actual test. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.

Use your 30 min break wisely. Break it up in sections if you have to.

Good luck to the remaining that still have to take the test!!


Thanks! also, im currently watching videos on youtube and practicing LSAT questions, my logical reasoning skills i dont think are up to par right now....how much of the test is that last part? big chunk?

What videos are you watching? I tried looking for some but didnt really find anything.. has LSAT helped at all?


Won’t let me edit my post. Referred BQ, here’s my post about the ATSA:

Felt better walking in than I did walking out. My comparison of ATCPrep and the ATSA:

Differences: Easier but also harder on the ATSA only because I was so used to ATCPrep breaking up the numbers with a prompt. Slipped up on the last round for a few numbers, it felt like the test was never ending. 1-9 only/V.Fast, never answered over 4. If that plastic guide they put on the keyboard bothers you like it did me, put it to the side (not under the monitor so you don't accidentally power off the monitor and freak out like I did). Scored 100% on ATCPrep, probably got 95% on the ATSA. Without the pacing from ATCPrep, I was going faster than my brain could keep up. If you're using 1-20 on ATCPrep for this and equations, you're only hurting yourself.

Equations: Similar but easier on the ATSA. 1-9/Fast until you get to the 2 equation stage where it drops to 1-4 only. Went from scoring 97.5% ATCPrep to missing one or two on the ATSA for no good reason.

Visual: Felt more confident on ATCPrep than I should have. V.Fast/random close to real thing, maybe a bit faster on ATSA. Went from 100% ATCPrep to maybe 80-90% on ATSA. That eyeball they use on the ATSA is too inconspicuous. Mix it up with ATCPro for sure.

  • At settings of V.high/V.fast/difficult/fast it felt close to the real thing. The ATSA gradually increases the difficulty, going from two slow dots to all nine coming out at the same time immediately crashing. The last few tasks were more difficult than what ATCPrep offers. Completely ignore the math once you get more than 5 dots on the screen. On the preps I was scoring 85% totals (math included) towards the end, broken down: 100% conflict, 45% response, 100% conflict-free, 90% efficiency. I had about 5 collisions on the ATSA and my efficiency went to shit, 50% maybe. ATCPro would probably be more helpful if you can use a keyboard.
  • The math is absolutely more difficult, I went from 80% on ATCPrep to what felt like 10-20% confidently answered equations. The equations flash for two seconds and then disappear, allowing you to answer until the next question pops up. I believe I answered right as the next question showed way too many times.

My advice? Don't overdo it with ATCPrep. One of each scenario a day MAX, probably skip every other day. Once you start seeing the patterns take a break and try to forget them.

For logic and reading comp, don't bother with LSAT. The examples I found online were much more intense than the ATSA. I don't think cram sessions would help at all.

As for the personality quiz, be as honest as you can be. I felt like I was forced into lying to myself by the end of it even though I answered 100% honestly and accurately throughout. Had to keep telling myself it's just a ranking of the statements, not true/false statements.

Overall, I feel pretty good about it, mostly because of comments I've read about doing poorly and still getting BQ. I will update once we hear back.
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