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    10/23/2008 6-2-1

    Background Information

    ZMA had a request for departure clearance at VRB for two aircraft, and the controller at ZMA attempted to utilize the 1' Rule for the departures. The active runway was 11, and by the LOA between the Facilities, appropriate headings for that runway are 360, 090, and 045. The controller released the first aircraft on a left turn to a 090 heading (which also happened to be a helicopter), and the second aircraft on a left turn to a 360 heading (this aircraft was Falcon Turbojet). We are isolating the actual use of the rule from the apparent lack of consideration for aircraft characteristics.


    Coincident courses apply to aircraft that will turn the same direction immediately upon departure, regardless of the ultimate headings on which they will be established? So for appropriate and legal application of the 1 minute rule, two of the following three must be used: a left turn, a runway heading, or a right turn. Both aircraft cannot turn left or right, or they are on the same course. Is this Correct?


    Para 6-2-1 states that when aircraft will fly diverging courses immediately after takeoff, one minute may be used for separation until courses diverge.

    In the case you describe below both aircraft departing runway 11 at Vero Beach would be on similar headings after departure from approximately 116 degrees in a left turn around to 090 degrees. So effectively both aircraft could be on the overlapping courses/headings for approximately 26 degrees after departure which in not immediate divergence. The one minute rule would NOT apply.
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