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    5/16/2016 5-2-13

    Background Information

    This is in response to a request for interpretation submitted by the Eastern Service Area, on behalf of ZTL, regarding FAAO JO 7110.65, Paragraph 5-2-13, Code Monitor.


    Does paragraph 5-2-13 apply to ERAM Facilities?


    Paragraph 5-2-13 is applicable to En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM) equipped facilities. The paragraph requires controllers to monitor the codes of aircraft operating in a sector’s area of responsibility, including codes 1200, 1202, 1255, 1277 and 4000. The beacon code of an aircraft flight planned through a sector will automatically populate the sector’s Code Select List (CSL) and display a target and Limited Data Block (LDB). However, a non-Mode C aircraft will not display a target and LDB unless the code is entered into the CSL. While it is true that setting the non-Mode C display filter will display a target, a LDB will not be displayed. Therefore, it is required to enter the cited codes into a sector’s CSL to ensure display of targets with LDBs of non-Mode C VFR aircraft.

    It is important to note, that paragraph 5-2-13 requires that targets are displayed within a sector’s area of responsibility, not outside the area of responsibility. The paragraph does not require sectors that include only Class A airspace to monitor codes 1200, 1202, 1255 or 1277, and allows all other sectors to discontinue monitoring those codes “during periods when ring-around or excessive VFR target presentations derogate the separation of IFR traffic.” Additionally, as stated in paragraph 5-2-21, Mode C is required at 10,000 feet and above in most of the NAS. Taken together, sectors have sufficient options to reduce clutter. However, it is acknowledged that the paragraph needs revision to reflect current NAS equipage.
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