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    6/19/2015 5-9-5, 6-7

    Background Information

    This is in response to a request for interpretation submitted by Eastern Service Area, South on behalf of Miami ARTCC (ZMA) regarding the JO 7110.65, 5-9-5b, Approach Separation Responsibility and Chapter 6, Section 7, Timed Approaches.

    Aircraft #1 is on approach; the aircraft has passed the final approach fix, and is within 5 miles of the runway, established on the final. Radar service has been terminated and communications has been transferred to the tower. A radar interval of 5 miles with the succeeding aircraft (aircraft #2) was established at the point aircraft #1 crossed the final approach fix and radar service was terminated.


    Can aircraft #2 be cleared for the timed approach using the radar interval minima even though radar service has been terminated on aircraft #1?


    The Pilot/Controller Glossary defines "Radar Service Terminated" as "Used by ATC to inform a pilot that he/she will no longer be provided any of the services that could be received while in radar contact." Additionally, the definition of "Radar Service" includes "Radar Separation - Radar spacing of aircraft in accordance with established minima." Paragraph 5-9-5b specifies the conditions under which radar separation may end and procedural separation, under the provisions of Chapter 6, Section 7, may begin: radar separation is maintained until the first aircraft is observed passing a qualifying fix, is within 5 miles of the runway and is on the final. In the submitted scenario, aircraft #1's radar services were terminated after meeting the conditions specified in paragraph 5-9-5b making aircraft #2 eligible for an approach clearance.
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