Interpretation 13

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    6/4/2015 7-8-2, 11-1-1

    Background Information

    This is in response to a request for interpretation submitted by the Eastern Service Area, on behalf of NEW York TRACON (N90), regarding JO 7110.65, Paragraph 7-8-2e, Class C Services, as it relates to JO 7210.3, Paragraph 11-1-1, Program Intent.


    If the controlling IFR facility has determined that the radar is not adequate to provide Class C services, can the underlying facility provide those same services within its delegated airspace?


    Yes, these two subject provisions, taken in totality, compel N90 and ISP ATCT to provide these radar services when the resources are available. Facilities do not have the authority to suspend providing radar services when radar resources are available and must extend those services to the extent that the resources allow. When there is more than a single radar sensor available, the agency expectation is to leverage all available resources at all times to provide services to the maximum level of radar services possible that enhances safety to aircraft.
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