Interpretation 6

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  • Date of Interpretation Applicable 7110.65 section
    10/21/2013 3-7-2

    Background Information

    An airport vehicle is holding short of Runway 36 and has called the tower with a request to conduct a runway inspection on Runway 36 which intersects Runway 9. The tower controller clears the vehicle to "proceed on Runway 36."


    Does this mean the vehicle inspecting Runway 36 can cross Runway 9 without a runway crossing or hold short clearance?


    Vehicles involved in the inspection of a runway are deemed to be operating on the runway; therefore, no runway crossing clearance is required. To contrast, if the vehicle had requested to proceed on the runway to access another portion of the airfield (i.e., not conducting an inspection), then a runway crossing clearance/hold short instruction would be required.
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