NCEPT ERR Removals


Staff member
Because of the potential effects on others, removal of ERR paperwork is highly encouraged for facilities where an individual is not willing to accept an offer to. Additionally, when someone declines an offer, that information is entered into a database, which has potential negative effects in the future.

You can check on active or remove ERRs by calling/emailing your regional HR. A package can be removed up to the date of the NCEPT panel. If you need contact information for HR, post here with your region. We won't post contact information publicly, but someone will send you a private message.


Yes, in addition at this point we are within 10 days of the panel. On the ksn website it says to also email lebovidge, robicheau, jeffrey Vincent and Taurice mcmillan when you want to withdraw an err within 10 days of an upcoming panel. I don't know their email addresses off of the top of my head but I'm sure someone here can help with that or you can find it on ksn at work.
I don’t have it off hand, but if you’re at work, go to the ksn site and the main ncept page. All the numbers are listed at the bottom. If not, maybe someone will be able to chime in soon.