NATCA is going to secure a 50% raise for sure

NATCA hears the rally cry of RAZE WEN MVMNT. Rich&Co are freshening their Capitol Hill relationships to reach the crescendo of RAZE NAU to bring this job back to what it was the glory day. Rich knows that NO RAZE is No reelection and he will meet our demands!

I can feel it in my bones like a thunderstorm coming across the prairie on an evening in July; RAZE SUUN, RAZE SUUN.

Tomorrow is a big hearing before the senate on reasons to justify RAZE WEN.

TL;DR is that the FAA recognize controllers are overworked, understaffed, and poorly compensated. The quality of new hires is dismal, at best. This hearing is to shed light on those issues to finalize approval of the MASSIVE raises that are coming (SUUN) from Rich Santa and Whitaker.

Folks, this is gonna be one HELL of Merry Christmas! Santa will be leaving a little (LOT!) in everyone’s EmplpyeeExpress stocking.
are we just going to ignore how bad the trainee quality got after the CTI pipeline was fully exhausted
I feel like Rich is gonna say we get paid enough and our transfer system is great. If anything he will advocate for the supes to get a pay raise

Damn bro how are you gonna get the Christmas Spirit back youre sounding very Grinchy! Dont forget there are lotsa little Cindy Lou Who's out there grinding away on position who still have their mojo and still shining bright not dead inside yet. The ghost of NATCA past needs to pay you a visit and upgrade that tired old operating system that has u running cynical... DO NOT POWER oFF while updating...

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