CPC reinstatements


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Per the book, as a CPC re-entrant you make your previous pay if it’s within the band. You’ll go to the bottom of the band if new facility is greater or you’ll go to the top of the band if your previous pay is greater than the facility’s max. Since he was previously at a 6, he instantly got bumped up to bottom of the band. Reinstantments skip the half on the go half on checkout thing.
That’s, that’s kinda jacked. I mean props to whoever can work the system but still.


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The ATM I met with in September 2018 submitted my CPC reinstatement package but neither he nor I have heard anything back since then.

I left the agency with "resigned in lieu of termination" on my SF-50. When I met with the ATM, I was 100% upfront about how I had made mistakes by not disclosing all of the medications I had used when I got hired, and put everything on the table for him to decide. He decided that I was still hirable and he said I would be an asset to his facility, and that he would put me in for recommendation to hire/CPC reinstatement to his facility.

I followed up with him a month later, and he said he hadn't heard anything back yet. Followed up two more months later, still no news.

Not sure who I should be contacting at this point and he hasn't been shaking any branches himself. Could be a lost cause but I want to make sure I am 100% not wanted by the agency before giving up all hope.
It might not be what you want to hear but it's on the ATM hiring you. This process is almost futile unless you have an ATM who will crawl right up hr's ass until they shoot you a tol.

If your atm isn't constantly asking hr why the f they haven't hired you yet it's very easy to get forgotten in my experience