FAA CRASHPADS Just 5m from the FAA Academy!

Hiring Bid FAA-ATO-21-ALLSRCE-73599

Okay I’m glad someone else said that. I normally love those kinds of logic puzzles, but I could NOT figure those things out. And when you throw in a time limit, I tanked. Did my best to give answers on the test, but I’d love to know how I did on each section. I know I aced the memory part, remembering the difference between the two numbers. And the view perspective I know I only got one wrong. Radar I was okay, not perfect and I did as many of the math question during that portion. But dang, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if I missed out on BQ just because of the logic puzzles. Oh and who knows about the personality section. Yeesh.
I'm 100% with you. If the test were tomorrow, I'd be feeling pretty confident on everything but the logic questions. I'd hope one bad section doesn't make the difference between a WQ and a BQ. That would really suck, but who knows how they weight and grade that shiz.

I know people keep saying to practice LSAT logic questions, but I've tried, and believe me, I just cannot solve them to save my life. With no pen and paper to order these mofos from first to last and a time crunch, it's game over - cue the Ice-T Car Shield ad lol. Ice T.png


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For people getting errors when the application goes to the FAA's website, it doesn't work on Google chrome. I've been able to get through by switching to safari.
My last attempt at getting back in, good luck to all. Don’t let the dots crash and Jen is in front of Chris with the brown hair in line at Chipotle. You’re welcome.
Did the bid not close like 2 days ago? Attempting now is probably pointless.


A question to those that have applied previously:

What was the spread of time between your ATSA invite and test day?
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