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Thanks to everyone who’s contributed, the site is going to be upgraded to higher quality servers in the coming days. There may be a small period of unavailablity while everything is moved over, but after that there should be improvement to both uptime and performance. I’m planning the changeover sometime this week.

Also in the coming months, the forum software will undergo a major revision. There is no timeframe for this yet as I want to make sure everything transfers smoothly. There should be some useabiliy and performance gains from this as well.

A lot of you have filled out the questionnaire, and I just wanted to respond to a few of the items.
This starts from site inception, hopefully some of the suggestions have helped improve things over that. Sample size is 123, as of yesterday.

Average score for how you rate the site: 8.7

The most noted positive item was "The wealth of people and information available". So thanks for everyone who helps contribute to those, as that is the primary focus of the site.

The most mentioned improvement was the chat box not working all/some of the time. I'm hoping the upcoming hardware/software upgrades fix this issue, but time will tell. I have my eye on another chat plugin currently under development as well.

Some of the suggestions:

Better search tool.
In the works.

Default to first unread post instead of page one
This is how it already works, unless I'm misunderstanding

Perhaps adding some more information about hiring and academy life would be beneficial
Done. Check the different academy related FAQ's and associated pages

Sticky of FAQ for applicants, or those seeking information on applying to employment in the field.
See above :)

Perhaps a consolidated faq that links to the relevant forums.
Again with the FAQs! It's there, I promise!

You should get NATCA on board with you guys. Have them list you as a resource.
I'm working on that, but not making much progress. If anyone has the ear of NATCA people...

Add a funnies section possibly maybe ATC memes or controller arguments on frequency
There was an ATC memes page here when the site first started. But I killed it, and its not coming back. Imma let them do them and us do us :yay:

You already asked for Improvements, so maybe eliminating asking the same thing twice.
This is my favorite. Point taken. Future questionnaire filler-outers only have one field to fill

Thanks for the input and feedback. I read them all and do my best to implement suggestions and fix problems. Belated Happy New Year!
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Server upgrade will happen tonight. There were be a short downtime where the site will be unavailable.

EDIT: All done with the server move!
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There may be some short periods of intermittent unavailability tomorrow (1/12) as the host performs server maintenance.
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