2024 NATCA President Election

I can ask MJ if we want to open the election forums, did you guys want me to send a list of questions to candidates this year? My gut tells me only Nick might respond.
I’ll respond! As soon as I am ‘officially’ in the race.

Just waiting for the latest guidance to be put out, nominating period should run through March 2024 right? Send a certified letter to be nominated.

No big thing to be nominated and run as spoiler candidate. Everyone who wants someone who’s not status quo, here we go.

If you think the RVPs are scamming you should get more involved. That ATSAP 114 will get a million applicants. Almost no one lining up to be RVP
They don’t work the floor. They aren’t involved. and if they are good boys they won’t get forced to the floor if they get voted out. They’ll get a golden article 114 that you or I can’t apply for.
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