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Yea I am a controller at ZME and I am trying to transfer to ZMA. I don’t understand why this is so difficult and cannot get any information from Human Resource. It’s sad that I have to use a website like this to get the info. So what is a NCEPT panel and why is that important for me transferring?
Honestly, this site is probably the most illegitimate place to get accurate information regarding FAA/ATC info. There's a reason why there is usually quite a few "guests" skimming for info, and quite a few knowledgeable individuals on here. So ask away


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Why not enlighten the individual at hand, instead of instigating them? You know an awful lot of information regarding NCEPT, right?
There's no instigating going on here. The pity in the post was sincere. And he's at ZME so there's no helping him either. A facility whose turnover was so awful it raised the reddest of red flags that it may or may not have contributed to the gutting of NCEPT. He probably needs 40 checkouts before he can even be eligible for ZMAs list.
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