If I ran the FAA How I could fix the Training/Staffing Problem

Frisking team….In 1992 the FAA had diversity training which consisted in part with men walking a Tailhook style gauntlet with their female coworkers catcalling and groping them so they could feel their pain. It backfired spectacularly. The FAA never disappoints.
Wait I’ve seen this before…
that's some training I can get behind.

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Is keeping partial checkouts a possible solution? Instead of sending them elsewhere or firing? Obviously at a much lower pay rate so it is worth getting fully check out
If I was in charge of the FAA I definitely wouldn’t do this! We all sit here and wonder why we have 1000 less controllers than we did a decade ago…

Just another insight into the wonderful thinking of the enlightened liberal mind..... hyper focus on groups based on cosmetic identity, count the numbers, if there is any disparity then immoral discrimination is the ONLY explanation, lower the standards to give the "protected groups" priority without having the sack to admit that is exactly what you are doing, and don't forget to remind those groups relentlessly that they are victims and they need help because they will never make it on their own without handouts. Rinse. Repeat.
at the absolute minimum, there should be local. direct. hiring.

If you put out a job listing, which offers $130k+ salary, pension, benefits, etc., with no prior experience or education requirement, and you caveat is you have to spend ~3 months in OKC training? ZID, ZME, ZJX, ZAU, ZKC, ZMP, ZOB, and ZAB would get 50K applicants EACH
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One big issue I see with the MMAC is that the both the director and deputy director don't seem to have any Air Traffic background. If you go into eLMS and click on the LMS drop down menu at the top of the page, then click on "Organizational Info". I was able to use my instructors name (at the academy) and work my way up to director/deputy director. I'd rather not name names on here but reading both of their background information shows that neither have any background in Air Traffic Control. Meaning they are probably relying on their subordinates who do have experience to guide them. IMO this needs to be looked at and we should at the very least have a Deputy Director with Air Traffic experience so they can make suggestions to change things for the better.

If we had someone there with Air Traffic knowledge they would be able to observe what's happening at the academy and help fix it. We need to change the grading on the PAs (or PVs if you're an old person) to not ding people for every little mistake they make. If there is a loss of separation or something dangerous, sure. Writing the callsign down wrong because it's a shitty computer voice and subsequently calling the aircraft the wrong callsign a couple times should not sink someone's chances of being a controller IMO.
Interestingly enough…

The only thing I got from that article is that Rep Tom Cole is retarded and is speaking with about a non-issue he has zero understanding of. In summary: the FAA got AUS a tower sim in an attempt to cover their asses in the future after buddy tried to put 2 together and now Tom thinks they are going close the FAA Academy and Boeing (who has a presence at Tinker) isn't going to like that very much.
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