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Section 4 talks about redistribution of prime time leave opportunities, what does this mean to you guys? Or if there's a generally accepted interpretation of it. Appreciate any help.


Prior to bidding there are two things you decide, how much prime time slots will be offered for bidding and and when the prime time period will be. The reason being because the agency has to guarantee the employees the ability to take their leave and the facility has to determine when the leave will be guaranteed to know the impact of those staffing losses ahead of time. During just the first round of prime time the agency should offer 40percent more than what the facility earns, after bidding they will remove the 40 percent extra and For whatever personal reason people don’t bid all their leave but those spots must still be guaranteed by the agency, so after leave is bid you can collaboratively decide if you want those spots to be moved or redistributed elsewhere or leave them where they were determined to be ahead of time.