Voting Begins Today!


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Today at 9 am voting begins for NATCA President! Every vote counts! If you are happy with the status quo or desire a change in direction, VOTE!

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New message I got:

Thank you for registering for electronic (online) voting in connection with the National Air Traffic Controllers Association 2018 National Election. Your 'Request to Vote' email will be sent to you from [email protected] within 24 hours. Please check your email to obtain your VOTING CODE and click the link to go to the GES.Voting web portal and follow the instructions to vote.

Online polls are open for voting until 11:59PM EDT on July 30th, 2018.
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Make sure when you enter your email address, it matches exactly what you entered when you registered. For instance my is all lower case and it kept trying to use Captial letters for the first letter, when I used all lower case it worked.
Tried voting but the code they sent is invalid, hopefully it gets taken care of tomorrow.
Finally got my code and it worked for me
Got another code early this morning, and voted. Regardless of which side of the fence you fall on please vote!
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