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Enroute Class pass rate

Discussion in 'Academy Life' started by breakaway2000, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. breakaway2000

    breakaway2000 Moderator Staff Member

    Someone posted on the terminal pass rate thread asking for Enroute data from the academy. Enroute has been doing decently well lately. Here are the last 13 classes. Data below...

    Class # - To Fill - Passed
    103035 - 18 - 12
    103037 - 18 - 8
    103039 - 12 - 8
    103041 - 18 - 8
    103043 - 18 - 8
    103046 - 18 - 12
    103051 - 18 - 11
    103054 - 12 - 7
    103056 - 18 - 10
    103058 - 18 - 11
    103060 - 18 - 9
    103062 - 12 - 6
    103064 - 18 - 6
    103066 - 18 - 5
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  2. Papa_Mike

    Papa_Mike Chow Runner

    No clue what filled actual would be...I was in the 056 class and we had 15 go into evals, 3 resignations.
  3. breakaway2000

    breakaway2000 Moderator Staff Member

    In that case, it appears the 'filled actual' is a running tally they didn't keep up with. Just to be clear, you guys had 18, 3 resigned, 15 went into evals, and 10 passed?
  4. Papa_Mike

    Papa_Mike Chow Runner

    Yeah, and if I recall correctly the 051 class had all 18 go into evals.
  5. breakaway2000

    breakaway2000 Moderator Staff Member

    Thank you, I'll remove the "filled actual". It had to be a placeholder they did not update.
  6. Just a follow up we passed 6 today in class 103064.
  7. breakaway2000

    breakaway2000 Moderator Staff Member

    Out of 12 or 18 that started?
  8. Started with 18. 1 resigned before even getting to the academy supposedly, 1 resigned after basics, and 1 failed basics. 15 went into evals.
  9. Jay_MDB

    Jay_MDB FNG

    You are correct sir.
  10. cmac

    cmac Chow Runner FAA

    FAA Facility:
    ZFW Ft. Worth Center
    Failing basics has to basically be the same as resigning. Can you really fail without trying to?
  11. phrenetik

    phrenetik FNG

    Class 66 passed 5 of 18. 6 were gone before evals.

    Class 68 down to 14/18 ATM. Might lose more tomorrow day 2 of evals
  12. brittlebones303

    brittlebones303 Developmental

    "doing well recently" at a sub 50% pass rate. Slightly terrifying. I know it's a combination of both, but I wonder how much of it comes down to how hard you study, or if you really have to have a skillset that some simply don't possess, regardless of your level of studying. My ex studied her ass off and didn't make it through the 3 large tests at the end :(
  13. HenryTheAce

    HenryTheAce Certified FAA

    FAA Facility:
    ZMP Minneapolis Center
    Man this is a question that’s plagued many. Everyone’s different. I had people in my class who never studied and passed, squeaking by and passing by less than 1pt at the end. People who studied their ass off, some passed some failed. People who failed that definitley could make it in the real world and people who passed that didn’t have a prayer in the real world and washed out.

    It really depends. Bring in as many points as possible into Evals. It only helps. Strive to get perfect on the book test points, they’re free & easy points. Then just keep your nerves down during evals, just another instructional I imagined.
  14. sailor_pianist

    sailor_pianist Certified

    At the academy currently and I really wouldn't say the academic tests were "easy" points. If you're not CTI or prior experience ( heck even if you are) there is a lot of information being thrown at you that's new. In basics it's very doable, but when you get across the street, keep in mind you go from covering a book a week to a book every other day. The pace increases drastically and the tests ask detailed information. Getting 80-90 points is possible, but don't think those academic points are a "gimme".

    If you don't have a test, you should be studying phraseology or your map. Weekends will be a godsend.
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  15. HenryTheAce

    HenryTheAce Certified FAA

    FAA Facility:
    ZMP Minneapolis Center
    Ehhh but I’d say they are, what I can remember, there’s 20pts for book work tests? No excuse to not get 18 out of those 20, it’s not “easy” but you should strive and study hard... yes, nothing was easy for me at the academy as an OTS. The map, aircraft characteristics, and computer entry should be 100’s. You don’t need to be cti or anything to straight memorize. CKT 1 & 2 should be 90 I’d say. Just saying we had 8 people bring in over 30pts to the Radar evals.... 8 of those people all passed and 1 person passed who had like 26 or something. The other 9 people failed.
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  16. CKT 1&2 are tough to ace. If you thoroughly go thru the binder bullet by bullet and make flashcards for any possible question you can see, you should be able to get close to 100. I started that process about two weeks before each CKT, did a bit every day, and was able to score 97/98 on them. It's tedious memorization. If you wait to the last minute to prep for the CKTs (b/c you're focusing on the more important non radar evals or radar concepts) you should still be able to get close to a 90 if you paid attention. CKT 1 falls a day before non radar evals so if you want to get 100 on it you gotta prepare for it well in advance. Every bullet point in the binder is a testable item
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  17. HenryTheAce

    HenryTheAce Certified FAA

    FAA Facility:
    ZMP Minneapolis Center
    Exactly. I’m not saying they’re easy, or that I’m Mr. 100 or anything because I’m not. All I’m saying is that 3 people in my class failed by less than 2pts from a 70 and they just kept beating themselves up how they didn’t study the book work tests hard enough. It only helps you to strive for those points. They make a big difference when you’re point shaving at the end and literally every point counts.

    You still down there close to evals or done?
  18. boots

    boots Certified

    Tower academics was extremely easy. Most of my class walked away with over 9.5 points.
  19. Md328

    Md328 Developmental

    I'm sorry for not knowing but what are CKT's? Also, what do you mean points carry over?
  20. HenryTheAce

    HenryTheAce Certified FAA

    FAA Facility:
    ZMP Minneapolis Center
    CKT’s are book tests you’ll tale at the academy, I believe they stand for Course Knowledge Test, but I could be wrong. There’s a total of 100pts at the academy after basics. You need at least 70pts out of the 100pts to pass. You’ll take 3 radar evals the last 2 days, each worth 22pts, for a total of 66pts. That leaves another 34pts. 20pts are “book work” tests, your map, your aircraft characteristics, computer entry, and CKT 1&2. The other 14pts are for two nonradar evals, each worth 7pts.

    The more points you get out of 34 available before radar evals the better you’re off obviously. 66pts in Radar you can see it’s obviously heavily weighted.
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