Government shutdown


I thought A bill was passed to protect controller pay during a government shutdown after last time? Or did I imagine this??
Call in sick while you can! They always cover your pay and the leave. It costs you nothing!!!! (Call in sick at your own risk)
So I'm 2/2 on shut downs fucking me this decade yay.

I go on prime time on Sunday, non refundable plane tickets bought and paid for, visas processing fees paid etc, monetarily it's a wash being converted to furlough leave and not being paid vs not going..... so ya I'm definitely going. Question is-

Someone who was around for the last one chime in what's my no bullshit chances of my leave becoming paid again?

Am I SOL on this and just gonna eat 1/3 a month of pay or what?
If it makes you feel better I never got paid after being sent home.
You didn’t get any pay for the last shutdown?

I was charged LWOP. Shutdown ended, I came into work, sup told me ATM said not to come in since I was scheduled furlough and I would get admin leave. I went home, saw furloughed on the next pay check, questioned secretary who said ATM didn’t have authority to put me in admin leave (she’s a whole ‘nother story...) and told me take annual or LWOP. Tried to grieve it and RVP shut it down.
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I was furloughed with sequestration, which was separate from the big shutdown. It was also only one day, and they ended the furloughs in the first four days or so due to delays. I was forced to use 8 hours of annual leave to receive the pay in that situation, after they cancelled it etc. I believe NATCA fought to get us that.

The people that were off for the actual shutdown were all paid.
I have NPTL today and tomorrow- it'll be interesting to see what happens. Fingers crossed I get lucky and get paid AND the leave is free- a coworker was telling me that happened to him last time.
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