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Any word on if a lot of people left the union again this year? If Mick Devine going to send out another email? I wonder if the bloodletting was completed last year or if NATCA will continuously see about 200-250 people leave a year when it used to be 40 or less.

It might be hard to tell looking at the overall members as they are busting their balls to sign up the shit contract towers nobody cares about to offset true FAA union members leaving.
I am interested too to see how many people left, I don’t think NATCA is obligated to publish it anytime soon but I’m sure it will come out.

Related to this it seems like NATCA was going balls to the wall the last year to sign up contract towers, which is a little strange as they make no money off contract towers and don’t give a fuck about them.

I think it’s because if 600 real FAA NATCA members for example left this January, and they signed up 300 from contract towers, they can say they “only” lost 300 people (normally it’s about 30 each January).

Anyone know if we can now look up and see how many people left the union? NATCA is not going to publish it, especially if it was 7-10% as is rumored. Someone said if you submitted the paperwork in January you were still a member until March 1st. Now that it’s into March maybe if you go to your union portal site and look up facilities it will show the updated % of membership in each facility? I know it reported that in the past, maybe it’s redacted now like NCEPT and NEST meeting minutes lol.

We need to get back on topic, does anyone know how many people left this year? Or at least is it above or below 1,000? Even 500 would shatter the previous record.

Previous record was about 240 so if 500 left I would consider that shattering.

But anyways, it will be interesting to see what happens this January. Did the largest exodus already happen, or will hundreds more be influenced by the hundreds who left and did not have their worlds end, and be motivated to leave this coming year.

Or maybe everyone is happy now. Inflation is down to 7.5% vs 9% so that 1.6% raise seems really nice right now lol? Or maybe after a decade of fuckiness the new CWG to work on staffing numbers and NCEPT will finally be the X factor to make transferring better lol.

I look forward to next quarter when you once again ask this same, useless, unanswered question. Thank you for your service
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