Enroute Class pass rate

Alpha Mike

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ZAB Albuquerque Center
By 11s and 12s they should leave you alone I only had 1 problem that the instructor wouldn’t let me think and kept asking if I did things I did 5 min ago. If it gets to that point just do your best and ignore them take it up with your lead afterwards they are watching. Everyone has a bad run once just don’t let it happen on eval day.
Agreed. Our lead let the instructors guide us on the first problem of the new concepts, but then would tell them to back off for the A/B variants. When we got to the 11s and 12s, our lead told all of the row instructors to treat them as practice graded, meaning not to say anything at all until after the relief briefing. I found it very beneficial, as it wasn’t a huge shock when you get to evaluations and no one is there to hold your hand.