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Does that mean 8 or 11 of you passed? What was the class size?
Doesn’t mean any of them passed. That means there are 8 in the class, regardless of how many started, a week or so before evals. The final list will be determined based on how many pass evals.
ROC is so crime ridden that the first season of LIVE PD had their ex Chief of police James Sheppard as the studio expert. Lot of experience!
I can't help but notice your obsession with ROC. What gives ?? Is it just your heartburn about the CIP, which is a mere 1.9% ?? Good god man,.. let it go. There are 110 facilities nationwide that get CIP; all facilities that were negotiated by NATCA. Some of the CIP is up to 10%. CIP was negotiated for a reason. Rochester New York is not exactly West Palm Beach. Why don't we talk about the injustices of the pay grades where there are people getting level 12 pay for doing the work of a robot. We could crawl down this rabbit hole for a looong ass time.