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These two areas were approved for a locality increase, separate from RUS, has anyone heard what the locality respectively will be?
Cost of living really going up in those places to even warrant that? Seems odd.
Although it seems a little odd, locality pay is essentially based on the median income for comparable work in the area, not actual cost of living. This is why you get a place like Houston with dirt cheap housing and high locality.
Per OPM...
"In the locality pay program, Federal pay is compared to non-Federal pay for the same levels of work."
Here, CRP was approved as well but is awaiting legislation to come into effect


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In the attachments, you can see the pay disparity.


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It hasn't been determined yet. First they have meetings and studies to decide if they should change the locality. Then they have meetings and studies to decide what to change it to.

No guesses for omaha, but I would expect corpus to be in the 16% area (IE: not much).
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