May (Q3) 2022


We can try that but I wouldn’t get your hopes up, it seems like all the facilities involved in the swaps were pretty high staffed and highly desired.

So maybe that’s how they might allow a tiny bit of movement among the high end high level facilities. Allow a few people to swap between each of them at the end of each panel.
All swaps that are both green at the conclusion of the panel are approved


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I wasn’t trying to start a fight, but a pretty busy and complex tracon just got bent over. It’s impossible to rely on a one or two scope operation for even a short time. View attachment 7738
Here’s some ideas of how to handle the volume and complexity with low staffing from a slightly less busier tracon than orf. Not trying to talk down about your operation. Many people are doing more with less, curtailing services and the FAA is totally fine with it.
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