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NCEPT Feb 2018

Discussion in 'General' started by Uscolt45, Dec 16, 2017.

Added to Calendar: 01/16/18, 02/15/18
  1. Uscolt45

    Uscolt45 Certified

    NCEPT Meeting: February 15th, 2018

    ERR Deadline: Jan. 16th, 2018

    NCEPT panels will be meeting every two months starting with 2nd QTR 2018.

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  2. Omegahare

    Omegahare Certified

  3. Aa12

    Aa12 Chow Runner

    Now that it’s every 2 months, we can’t call it the “2nd quarterly”...
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  4. breakaway2000

    breakaway2000 Moderator Staff Member

    I vote 2nd 6er
  5. rugbydog11

    rugbydog11 Certified

    1st bimonthly 2018
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  6. Uscolt45

    Uscolt45 Certified

    Can you imagine all the new “Where is this quarters NCEPT information????” posts if we changed the name?

    It would be every other post!
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  7. Jordan

    Jordan Certified

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    FAA Facility:
    SAN San Diego Tower
    Checking in
  9. PalmettoAutobot

    PalmettoAutobot Chow Runner I ♥ pointSixtyFive

    The beatings will continue until morale improves!
  10. HenryTheAce

    HenryTheAce Certified FAA

    FAA Facility:
    ZMP Minneapolis Center
    My facility (according to KSN) is Cat 2 and under "Possible Losses" it says 2. I have an ERR into a facility that's "none" category and has possible gains as 2 and another into a category 1 facility, possible gains 0 but is the highest of the 3 on NCEPT Priority. So what can we expect here? Somebody I'm competing with has an err into a facility that is NCEPT Priority 21 (higher than my ERR's) but it's a category 1 that says can possible gain 2.

    Sorry- I imagine this is in the wrong section and also probably an open ended question. Just trying to understand the whole process. Learning a lot from all the threads.
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  11. Jordan

    Jordan Certified

    You would be SOL getting looked at for that highest ranked facility, unless they're level 9 and below, which after all selections up to the natl avg, they would have another round of selections for 9s and below to select up to 100% target numbers...

    Keep in mind, after all the Dec selections get figured in... Ncept numbers are going to change and therefore, priority list will shift as well... Don't get too attached to this scenario... If you want to give more details or have questions pm me I can try to expand...
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  12. HenryTheAce

    HenryTheAce Certified FAA

    FAA Facility:
    ZMP Minneapolis Center
    Dang. New numbers and all that will get released once people get their TOLs and release dates? Thanks Jordan appreciate it. I'll probably be PM'ing you with questions in the future on specifics if you don't mind.
  13. Jordan

    Jordan Certified

    Yes... All the selections will get factored in to the new ppt... As a rule, facilities with possible gains will have selected most of, if not all the people they were eligible for... And facilities who were eligible to release people may or may not still be able to based on how many they let go in the Dec panel as well as any certifications that would happen between now and the staffing cutoff for the Feb panel (end Jan timeframe). Yes feel free to msg me anytime and I will help as best I can...
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  14. geedeekay

    geedeekay Chow Runner FAA

    FAA Facility:
    ZME Memphis Center
    When is the next update to the priority list?
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  15. Omegahare

    Omegahare Certified

    Around the first of the month. Last 2 have been a few days early. PPT update comes out first. Then new priority. Could be different for the holidays.
  16. DowntownTG

    DowntownTG Developmental

    New PPT is out on ksn.
  17. rhombus

    rhombus Developmental

    Retirement numbers are way up. Projected is down almost 5% to 88.2%.
  18. Omegahare

    Omegahare Certified

    Confusing. FY18 started already I woulda thought a change like this would happened already.
  19. breakaway2000

    breakaway2000 Moderator Staff Member

    Projected retirements are calculated once every calendar year. The January PPT is the shake up. That number remains the same throughout the year regardless of how many people retire.
    For ex. Facility XYZ has a retirement projection of 5.5. 5 people drop paper work and retire in January. They will still have that 5.5 anchor weighing down their projection for the next 11 months.
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  20. Omegahare

    Omegahare Certified

    FAQ on KSN says FY. It's under the priority placement question type. Describes column W in some detail.
    But if you are correct that would explain the change.

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